Friday, January 18, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I've finally carved out a few minutes to update my blog with my final CJC start. I only did 13 this year, not 15, so my last new start was way back on 1/12/13. It was TW's Egyptian Sampler. I got quite a good start for only working on it a couple hours (and considering that about half of what I completed was done over 1). Here's how far I got:

Egyptian Sampler - Teresa Wentzler; stitched 2 over 2 on 28 ct Toasted Almond evenweave

I really, really like this one. Maybe because I haven't gotten into all the blended colors yet, but even then I anticipate this one's going to be fun all the way through. 

On Day 13, I worked on my 2nd WIP on this year's list: Wondrous Works of God. Unfortunately, the number of stitches I put in was so minimal it isn't even worth fighting to get a good picture to post. I'll have to update my progress after this one is worked on again.

I've discovered that the best thing about participating in the CJC is that now I have 11 new starts that I'm soooo excited about stitching! The thing I'm having the hardest time with is choosing which one to work on, lol. I think I'm going to have to adopt some sort of rotation so that I can get my fill of stitching one project, while anticipation builds for the one that's coming up next. Maybe a Friday to Friday, so that I can start off making some real progress on the weekend...then I won't feel so bad if I don't get much else done during the rest of the week, lol!!

Of course, I'm also still working diligently along on my SamSarah perpetual calendar. I just got the new March charts, so I'll be squeezing time in on those here and there. They stitch up pretty quickly so those are the ones I usually work on at work. they're so easy to carry with me. I have one more of the 4 charts to finish up for February and then I'll have a pic of those to share. 

I hope everyone is busy hermitting and stitching this weekend. I haven't necessarily participated in IHSW in any 'official' way before, but I'm going to try and take part as often as I can this year. So, today officially starts my first 2013 rotation and my first IHSW. I've chosen to work on Wisteria Fairy this week. I'll try to post a progress update at the end of the weekend and then again at the end of the rotation week.

Wish me luck...and keep those stitching fingers busy, y'all! Have a great weekend :)   

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  1. I love the Egyptian theme though have never stitched anything in it - Can't wait to watch your progress! And rotations help me tremendously...Just long enough to make some progress, but not too long to get burned out!