Friday, January 11, 2013

Crazy January Challenge Catch-Up - Days 8, 9, 10, & 11

Holy Cow!! What a week it's been - work is back in full swing after the long, looooong Holiday break. My daughter's Junior High volleyball season has started, so that's at least 2 games a week, keeping us away from home until sometimes as late as 9pm. And now, the flu has struck our house again...Whitney woke up feeling poorly yesterday morning (but didn't dare miss school due to having a volleyball game that evening) and began running a fever as soon as we got home from the game. So, between work, school sports, housework, helping Mom, pets, kids, and's a wonder I've been able to pick up a needle lately! Somehow, I've managed to get my starts made, with only one 'cheat' day spent working on one of the two WIPs that are in my Challenge list.

Here's what's happened since last we spoke -

Day 8 start - Glory by Bent Creek

 End of day progress:

Stitching 2 over 2 on a scrap of 28-ct Beige linen

Day 9 Start - Woodland Violet Sampler by The Sweetheart Tree

And here's how far I got:

Stitching 2 over 2 on a scrap of 28-ct Antique White linen

Day 10 - No Start...instead I worked on one of the two WIPs on my list, Forest Goddess. 

Here's before I picked it back up:

As of 11-8-12

And here's what I got done:

As of 1-10-13

 Day 11 Start - Royal Velvet by Marc Inge Saastad from JCS mag, August 2001

Wait, you say. That wasn't on the list, you say. Wha...? Well, this is a prime example of my planning (in)abilities - This spot was reserved for Mirabilia's Amethyst Fairy, but somehow I managed to totally mis-calculate the size of fabric I need. Unfortunately, I don't have any fabric in the right dimensions on hand, and I don't want to order any and wait for it to come in. Besides, my goal with this challenge was to use up as much of my existing stash as possible. So, that's where Royal Velvet comes in. It was on the original list, until I cut it down by a couple patterns, so I guess this is an indication that I was supposed to stitch this chart, lol :)

Here's where I left off tonight:

Stitching 2 over 2 on a scrap of 28-ct White linen
I've only got one new start left in this challenge, Teresa Wentzler's Egyptian Sampler. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some work in on it tomorrow. DH has to work tomorrow night and with Whitney being sickly, I should have plenty of time to stitch...once my housework is caught up. Gah! Then Sunday will be spent putting in time on my other WIP - Wondrous Works of God.

After all my starts are done, I plan to spend a week at a time on each project. Since a few of them are quite small (in comparison to the BAPs I normally stick to), I should be able to finish some of them in just a couple rotations. Or, well, that's the hope, anyway.

I'm off to do some more stitching while I wait for DH to get home from work. Until tomorrow - stitch happy!! 

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  1. LOL - isn't it funny how other stitching seems to sneak onto the list!

    Hope your daughter is feeling better