Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crazy January Challenge - Day 4

I didn't get as much stitching in as I had hoped to tonight. I got 3 packages in the mail today (all more stash, of course) and some of the items were needed for other challenge pieces, so I was winding floss, sorting Kreinik, and tomorrow I'll be labeling and storing beads. Needless to say, I didn't get started nearly as early as I wanted to.

I did get some time in though, and I have a little bit of progress to show. I apologize for the's hard to show navy floss on black fabric, but I think this is about as good as it gets, lol:

Tomorrow probably won't lend itself to much stitching time, as we have the kids to occupy, DH has an eye doctor appointment, we need to do grocery shopping, etc. Busy Saturdays around here, but maybe I'll get some stitching time in during the evening. The next project up is:

**Christmas Gentlemen** by Leisure Arts

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!!  


  1. Really looking forward to seeing your progress! Happy stitching xxx