Wednesday, August 1, 2012

STNA Blog Hop # 7: The Leftovers

Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop

Here's the question for Blog Hop # 7:

What do you do with the floss, thread, beads, and other elements you have left over from full project kits?

This is a really good question, as I still buy prepackaged kits quite often. I tend to pick up any kit that has a pattern that really reaches out and grabs me, regardless of the supplies included in it. Several of the recent ones I've bought have come with linen, but I don't mind stitching on Aida 16- or 18-ct now and then. Whether I use what's included, or replace it with my own stash, I try to make as much use of the 'leftovers' as I can:

1)   Most of the time, I hate the floss that comes in the kits. If possible, (and if I can find a design house to DMC conversion chart) I replace it with floss from my stash that is already sorted, wound, and labeled. If I do happen to use the floss that comes with the kit, then any unused floss is given to my daughter, who is 12, and is at the age of friendship bracelets. She also likes to play around with a piece of fabric and some floss now and then, just trying to come up with her own creations. She loves to be my scrap recipient!

2)  Beads not used are kept in my bead keeper with the rest of my stash of Mill Hill and other beads...if the kit identifies what company/color number/color name they are. If there is nothing to specifically identify them, then I just keep the leftover ones all together in a small container for use in later projects.

3)  Kit fabric is sometimes used and sometimes pulled out and replaced with a piece I have in my stash. The stiff Aida fabric pieces that often come in the kits are rarely used, but instead are kept and cut down to be used for other things, such as bookmarks, ornaments, fobs, etc.

4)  Needles are almost always 'keepers'. Well, unless they are either exceptionally short or really, super dull. Then I throw them out and use my own. Normally, they're just fine...and I've worked up quite a tally of them over the years :) 

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  1. I love short needles! I use #26 petites. They're barely an inch long. I can use more floss that way. When I use normal size needles now, they feel so HUGE.

    I try to find a use for the "leftovers", too. I'm big on repurposing and reusing.

  2. Meari - we're sounds very similar. LOL I love the petites as well. It is really nice to be able to use more of the floss, but it did take time to get used to.

  3. Friendship bracelets sounds like a good use of scrap threads to me ;-)

  4. I have not purchased some charts because they only came in a kit - and I hate to sort the floss, you have shared some grand ideas... Thanks

  5. Using the Aida for bookmarks, ornaments and the like is a really good idea! If I have a piece of Aida that is too stiff and I still want to use it I've found steeping it in really hot water can help soften it somewhat. Great post!