Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Start, New Stash, and a Stitchy Tip

I sure hope this beautiful Wednesday finds you all immersed in some kind of stitchy goodness! I first want to say Welcome to all my new followers!! I'm so flattered and thrilled to have you here! Secondly, I'd like to thank the allergy gods for finally easing up on me a bit and allowing me an entire night's sleep without having to get up and sneeze/blow my nose/cough 352 times. Aaahhh, some relief! Now, on to the updates...

I decided to step away from my BAPs for a bit and start something small. Since I've been eating local honey by the gallon lately (it really DOES help with allergy symptoms), I thought this project was fitting. It was included in a giveaway that Denise over at Riverside Stitching held a few weeks ago. It's called The Honey Shop and is by Shepherd's Bush. I made a couple minor color changes, but mostly I'm keeping to the charted colors. Here's my progress so far:

Yesterday, I decided to purchase some more know, in case I actually DO live to be 114. I came across some TW leaflets that I don't already have, and got them for a song. 

And then I decided to go ahead and purchase a Christmas book I'd had my eye on for quite some time...Santa's Great Book.

Now, for a stitchy tip: I normally carry my Stitch Happy tote bag to and from work because it's the only thing that will fit the Q-snaps I need for my BAPs. However, since I've decided to stitch the rare (for me) small project, I was looking for something smaller to carry it in. I considered a small purse, a miniature tote bag, and even a plastic grocery bag. Since I didn't want anything that would allow my chart, fabric, and notions to flop around freely...I quickly dismissed all of these options. And then I saw it - the clear plastic, zippered bag that my newest curtain panels came in. Genius!! It's the perfect size, it has just enough room on the inside to carry everything, and the bottom is canvas so my scissors won't poke through. Works perfectly :)

 How do you all transport your projects (big or small) when you travel?


  1. Love Egyptian Sampler. I go through those stages when I have to switch up my stitching - the Honey House looks great - thanks for sharing the tip about honey and allergy's, never knew. I only carry around my small projects - I carry them in a pocket folder, with a clear plastic sheet (2) one for fabric, one for chart, a pencil holder for threads, needles, etc. this gets stuck in a back pack - but one of those kind with draw strings - the thing ones. With my qsnaps or hoops.

  2. Hi, Melody - Nice stash!

    I make Zippered Project bags. for traveling with my stitching. I love stitching these - they stitch up really quickly - I have a small collection of them so I can mix things up if I want.

  3. Oh I love the Santa book! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Ahaha, I always keep those curtain bags as well! They're such handy containers for anything I can fit in them! As far as traveling, I use... a butter bowl. High tech. I only take tiny things with me so it just has to be big enough for the kit contents and scissors, haha.

    If I live to be a million years old, it'll just provide me with the excuse to have two million years' worth of stash. ;)