Monday, August 20, 2012

1st Day of School, Take Two

Today was the first day of school (again) for our little town in Central IL. Um, again, you say? Wait, that doesn't make sense...

Well, as it turns out, our original 1st day was to be last Friday, the 17th. However, Mother Nature had other ideas when she sent a tornado through our little community on Thursday afternoon. No one in town was injured (praise God!!) , but there was significant damage to homes, vehicles, and structures in and around the community. The entire town was without power for about 12 hours until half of us got it back...the other half would have to wait another 10 hours or so. Unfortunately, the schools are located in the half of town that still had no power come Friday morning - meaning no 1st day for the kiddos. Some kids were pretty excited about that, but I'll bet all those brand new kindergarteners were rather devastated to have to wait another 2 whole days to start school!

Our home sustained some pretty significant damage, but only to the outside. Nothing to the inside or that would effect our structural integrity. Probably going to need a new roof and definitely some new siding, but nothing that can't be fixed. We also have a 20ft limb through our garage roof but thankfully, since I was at work when the storm hit, there was no car in the garage. Definitely going to need a new roof there, also. We are still waiting for the insurance adjustor to come and make a more precise estimate, but we're figuring between $15-20k in damages. I'm going to hear sawing and hammering in my sleep for the next 6 months...

I took a good number of pics of the damage, but have not had a chance to put them on the computer yet. I'll try to get some up later...many are really quite shocking, reminding us all that it could have been sooo much worse. 

Anyway, on to my stitchy update. I've rotated back to Wondrous Works of God because the stitching 2-over-1 on 22ct. on my HAED gets these 'old' eyes down after awhile, lol. Here's where WWoG was left:
WWoG 7/25/12
And here's what it looks like as of this morning:
WWoG 8/20/12
Again, showcasing my phenomenal skills of never posting two pics with the same lighting. Ever. The bottom pic was actually taken from my phone, so there's my excuse for that one ;) I'm hoping to finish page 2 by the end of the week and then move on to either Cabriolet or put some more work in on Olde Time Santa, now that autumn is coming and the weather is cooling down a bit. Of course, that is IF I get a chance to stitch once the reconstruction of my house starts...

Hope everyone is having a great stitching day!!



  1. How scary to have a tornado come through your towb but you sound optimistic and upbeat about going forward. Love your stitchy progress.

  2. Sorry to hear about the tornado coming thru your scary that must have been. Thank God that there was no injuries and only physical damage; which as you say can be easily repaired.

    The Wondrous Works of God is beautiful!

  3. Wow! How scary! I'm glad that your home didn't suffer structural damage - I hope you are able to get it repaired quickly. {{{hugs}}}

  4. Sorry for the tornado, so scary...

    Beautiful stitching.

  5. Hello

    Found your blog through Kasey's blog.

    I love your project, the poppies are very pretty.
    I'm really sorry to hear of the damage to your property, that tornado must have been scary! Glad no one was hurt.

    Holly x

  6. Wow! I'm glad to hear everyone is okay!

    Your WIP is beautiful!

  7. Wow, this stitching is so beautiful.
    Liebe Grüße Grit from Germany