Friday, August 3, 2012

Thursday Stitch Therapy & the Return of My Mojo!!

The thing with stitching mojo is when it goes, it's GONE...and when it comes back, it comes back with a fiery vengeance!

I had kitted up All Hallow's Eve a few nights ago, but the Olympics prevented me from making more than a few stitches. It's riveting television, I tell ya! Well, I'm still watching intently from morning til night, but now I've managed to not only put in some stitches on this HAED...I've decided that I didn't like what I had done so far (about 5 lines of the chart). So I frogged the whole thing yesterday and restarted it. I've got quite a start on the upper left quadrant of the first chart page, but I'm not prepared to post pics until I've recovered the area I frogged. It looks gross, lol. Thank goodness HAEDs are full coverage!

I'm stitching this one 2 over 1 on 22-ct white Hardanger and, when going line by line on the chart, the coverage was complete, but looked really clunky (for lack of a better descriptive word). I also didn't like how cluttered the back was getting with all the stops and starts, since I'm not a needle-parker. Now I've gone back to my original stitch habit of moving from color to color rather than line by line. Things are going much faster and the back of my fabric doesn't feel like I'm trying to cross stitch with knitting yarn. 

As much as I'm stitching now, I should have that frogged area covered in no time. I hope to have progress pics of at least the first half of page 1 by tomorrow night...maybe sooner ;)


  1. Cross stitch with Knitting yarn - that paints a true picture - I do believe some of my backs look like that. Looking forward to wips.

  2. Hello!! Thanks for your comment!
    Seems you are new at blogs, so a big welcome!!
    Nice projects that you have!

    Happy stitching!!