Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Stash & HAED Appreciation Week Giveaway!

Aaaahhhhh...that's just how I feel after this long weekend of rainy weather, shopping, and doing nothing that I didn't want to do. Like many of you stateside, DH and I took advantage of the Labor Day sale at Joann's and scored a big 'ol pile of floss (among other things) for next to nothing. You can't beat 4/$1.00...and now our DMC stash is full again :) The lady at Joann's not only honored their in-store 40% off one item coupon, but also the coupon for 15% off our total purchase that we got via text message on our phones. Here's a peek at what we ended up with: 

We ended up with 6 organizer boxes (bought at Wal-mart, but threw em in the pic because, well, they're stash too, lol), 2 needle cases (one for me - one for DH), a small kit (DH's), 2 packs of paper bobbins, a 20 x 24 pkg of ice blue 28 ct. Monaco, and 58 skeins of floss. All this for a grand total of...well, under $40. More stuff that we may not live long enough to use, but we have it, dammit!!

I do have a few stitchy updates, but I haven't had a chance to get any update pics, so that will have to wait for another post. Also, DH has a small finish that he's most proud of, so I'll be sure to include a pic of that as well :)

Ok, now, on to the good stuff... A GIVEAWAY!! As most of you have heard, Michelle over at Heaven and Earth Designs is in danger of having to close her business due to the ongoing battle with copyright infringement. As a result, there is an organized effort to help Michelle by observing HAED Appreciation Week from Sept. 10th - 14th. DH and I have already decided to buy (at least) one pattern each during that week in order to do our part. Here's where YOU come in...

I have decided to conduct a giveaway for the HAED pattern of the winner's choice, to be purchased during HAED Appreciation Week!! All you have to do is enter by leaving a comment below and include the name of the HAED pattern you would like, if you should win. I will take entries until Midnight on September 11. Drawing will be held on September 12. All entries, International included, are welcome! Please make sure I have a way to contact you, in case you win.

It won't gain you any extra entries (because I'm doing good to count by ones, most of the time) but if you'd like to post this giveaway on your own blog, please feel free to do so, as I'd love to get the word out as much as possible to help the great folks over at HAED. Best of Luck to everyone and I'm looking very forward to being able to help out Michelle, as well as one of you lovely folks, by patronizing HAED as much as possible next week and, hopefully, long into the future!

Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone. Happy Stitching!!


  1. Wow such a lovely haul. Would it be wrong of me to say I'm green with envy.

    Ok I will hive your very generous offer of a giveaway and will enter.
    My choice is Oh such a lovely haul. Would it be terrible of me to say I'm green with envy?

    Ok I will have a shot at your very generous giveaway.
    If I am lucky enough to win I choose QS Genevieve by Hannah Lynn

  2. First time to vist Heaven and earth design (beautiful). I love the Christmas QS poinsettia and butterfly.

  3. Great stash you got there! Your DH stitches too... how cool is that!? You guys get to stitch together! I tried to get my DD to stitch but she couldn't get into it!

    I too LOVE HAED and would like to buy Spangler's So Many Books So Little Time chart next :)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Hi, just found your blog! Love your new stash and how cool having your DH stitching too!! Although I've heard of HAED, I'm sorry I'll pass on this opportunity... I already have to many projects on the go ☺

  5. Oh gosh, if the LNSs around here would have sales like that, I'd need a room devoted to floss alone, lol! And another for fabric! Ahhh, a girl can dream, I guess. :D

    I've never had the courage to stitch a HaED but maybe if I tried a smaller pattern, it would ease me into it! I chose the Storykeep Blossoms-Law