Friday, September 28, 2012

A Couple Updates and DH's Current Project (Picture Heavy)

Alright, so a short while back I mentioned on here that my dear DH is a stitcher, also. I tried to get a picture of his TW Celestial Dragon project, but he informed me that he got mad at it and THREW IT AWAY!! Oy, the horror! The good news is that he has purchased new fabric that he's happier with and he fully intends to restart it in the near future. So, I'll show you all his current project instead. This is a small kit he found at Hobby Lobby and really liked. This one is a kit by Dimensions called Mariner's Light. Here's what the finished product will look like:

And here's what DH's progress looks like:

As for my stitchy updates, I've made some progress on WWoG. Here's a before and after:

WWoG 9/11/12
WWoG 9/28/12

Right now, I basically only take WWoG back and forth to work with me. At home, I've pulled out Olde Tyme Santa and started working on it again. Now that the weather is cooling off (sort of) and I'm starting to think of Fall, Winter, and the Christmas season, I have an itch to stitch some seasonal things again. Hopefully, Santa will see a finish before Christmas this year. Here's a before and after:

Olde Tyme Santa 2/26/12
Olde Tyme Santa 9/28/12
I hope everyone enjoyed their week. I'm looking ahead to a busy weekend, but I'm hoping to sneak some stitching time in somewhere. The big dog goes to the groomer in the morning, which will give us time to get our groceries and the like while we wait on him to get finished. He's a Saint Bernard, so it normally takes them about 3-4 hours to finish him up. Then on Sunday it's off to a new church about 2 hours away to watch our DD's boyfriend be baptized. We'll be home from that just in time for a family fall cookout at our church, which will have us out and busy until the late evening. I hope everyone else has an equally satisfying weekend planned :)


  1. Its wonderful to see that your husband also enjoys your hobby. On the one hand it might mean sharing your stash but it also means he won't think you are spending too much time stitching, as he will be stitching with you.

  2. I still can't get over that your hubby likes cross stitching!! It's great! Love all your designs. Have a lovely weekend ☺

  3. It's so great that your guy likes to stitch! My boyfriend really likes my stitching hobby but not enough to pick it up for himself. Both of y'all's work looks great!

  4. Wonderful stitching. I like all your projects.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  5. I love your fabric for Old Tyme Santa. And your DH's is so amazing...

  6. Dhs stitching looks amazing. Love Old Tyme Santa, it will be lovely watching him grow xx

  7. Love your Santa! And the Wonderous Works is coming along beautifully. Your DH is a great stitcher too, his piece looks great.