Monday, October 1, 2012

Blog Hop # 9: Stitching Tools

October 1st already??! Hard to believe, but it must be because it's time for another round of the blog hop:

 "What are your must-have stitching tools and aides? Other than your trusty scissors, of course. Is there a problem you have had when stitching that you created your own solution for, or have you purchased a tool that helped?"

Oh, boy...this is a good one! First and foremost, I would be lost without my Pako Needle Organizers. They are so easy to change-up to move from project to project. I'd never attempt another BAP without them. I have 3 now and am thinking I may pick up a couple more, since DH is uses them also.

Another must-have are my Q-snap frames. I have several sets and usually have at least 3 working frames on projects at any given time. I'm going to be picking up additional ones soon, as DH has expressed interest in using these as well. 

The other tools I can't live without are:

*Enough scissors to have a pair for each project
*DMC needle cases
*My LoRan magnetic board and folding stand
*My Stitch Happy clear tote bag that I use to carry my current project to and from work

I also use Post-Its a lot as a way to keep track of the symbols/floss colors on large projects. I just draw a simple graph on a Post-It, fill in the chart symbols and corresponding floss colors, and stick it somewhere on the chart page I'm working on. That way, I know I'll always have a copy of the floss key with me.  It's very easy to unstick and restick several times until I'm finished with that page.

What can you not live without?

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  1. It's great to get ideas like this from fellow stitchers. Who knows when you're going to discover something new?!

  2. Post-Its ~ handy to have. I might have to toss an extra pad of those in my bag this week. Thanks!

  3. I like the post-it note idea!! I may try that with JG.

  4. The post-its are a great idea! Always having to fish out the chart colors page will no longer be a thing for me!