Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Stash, Progress Update and Real Men Wear Pink

What a wonderful weekend it's been so far! Our town had Fall citywide garage sales today, so we woke up early and spent the better part of the day looking through other people's 'junk', lol. We found a lot of really nice play clothes for our son, some things for our daughter, and (my favorite) some good crafty stuff. The best was the dozen or so skeins of vintage DMC floss I picked out of an older lady's sewing basket and only paid 50 cents for. Score!! Then we stopped at one of our LNS and picked up some past issues of JCS and other magazines (.50 each) and some perforated paper. We got home and found our most recent order from 123stitch had arrived. Sweet! Here's 'my' portion of what we got (hubby's goodies are not pictured):

Hubby's haul was 2 good-sized kits, some of the perforated paper, Stained Glass Bookmarks chart, and a couple of small ornies. 

I've spent all of my stitching time on Forest Goddess since I started her. Miras are so much fun to stitch and I just can't seem to put them down once I start. If I do manage to move on to something else, it's never for very long. Here's where I'm at now:

The Forest Goddess as of 10/6/12 Stitched on 28-ct. Toasted Almond Belfast Linen
 On a random note, we decided that our big dog, Titan, would appreciate being able to show his support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month also. Here he is sporting his brand new pinky-pink collar (and chewing a bone, as usual), because real men wear pink!

Go 'head, make fun of my collar. I dare ya.
I hope you all are having a ridiculously successful stitching weekend. My running is over for the day, so I'm tucked in to my PJ's and settled on the couch with my stitching at the ready. More updates to come soon! :)


  1. Yay for stash! And your progress looks great!

  2. Great new stash and lovely progress:)

  3. Titan wears that pink well... Great deals on your new stash

  4. Real men do wear pink! Flowers too, if they can manage it! :D Hooray for your stash enhancement; I feel like I've hit the jackpot when I find stuff at yard sales and thrift shops.

  5. Great haul! It is always a great feeling when you can get something for next to nothing...

  6. Great stash! WHOO HOO!

    Love the pink's my favorite color!

  7. Congrats on the excellent stash acquirement; such deals are not found every day :) The Forest Goddess is so pretty, and you are making great progress on it. The colors are just gorgeous so far.


  8. Looking through other people's 'junk' is fun, isn't it?!? Kudos on the great S.E.X.