Friday, October 19, 2012

Too Much Information

No, I'm not about to get vulgar and tell you things you don't care to know. It's not that kind of TMI. I just have too much information bouncing around in my head, so here's where I'm going to dump it. I guess that's what I get for not posting anything but a Blog Hop for 9 days. Sigh. There will be stitchy updates in this post (somewhere), but no pics, so if you don't like to read...I won't be offended if you go now :)

First and foremost, I HAVE been stitching. I promise. The SamSarah calendar is super fun to stitch and I have made progress on 2 of the first 4 charts, but I'm just not ready to post pics yet. As it turns out, I was shorted (completely by accident) a couple of skeins of floss and I didn't realize it until I needed to use them. Thankfully, as I've said previously, the customer service at Beach Cottage Stitchers is second to none. One short email exchange later and the missing fibers are on their way to me as I type. Pics to come when my missing goodies get here. I've also made some more progress on Wondrous Works, but it's tucked safely away in my craft bag and I really don't feel like digging it out just to take a picture. Lazy, I know.

Speaking of goodies, I received my winnings from the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe the other day...10 skeins, 20 yards each, of hand-dyed floss in the most beautiful colors I've seen in a while. I can't wait to find the perfect projects to show them off. I may try to find a design that will work well with them for my very first ever exchange. I'm very excited to pick something to make, finish, and send off to Shannon over at A Bit of This and That!

On another note, we've recently made the decision to move out of our home and co-habitate with my mother in order to be there to assist her on a daily basis. She will be 73 in March and is afflicted with Parkinson's Disease. So far, no major medical intervention has been necessary, but I continue to be increasingly worried about how she gets around when she's home alone. We'll be living in her home, temporarily, until we can find a new home large enough for all of us at an affordable price. That might take 15 years in this economy, lol. We would just move her in with us...if it weren't for having all of our bedrooms upstairs.

Also, I'm currently up for a promotion at work, which is good in the sense that it will provide a higher income...but not so good in that it will cause me to have to put in longer hours with much local travel. I'm afraid my stitching time will suffer greatly, but I find it hard to justify passing up such an opportunity just to have more time for my obsession hobby. Although, as I'm sure many of you will understand, that thought did cross my mind. ;)

Ok, I think that's enough random nonsense for now. I don't know how much stitching will get done this weekend, as we'll be continuing to pack and move so I'm going to take advantage of the peace and quiet at home right now and see what I can get done before I get too tired to see where I'm putting the needle. 


  1. Good luck with getting situated in your mother's place - I hope it all goes smoothly!

    Good luck on the promotion!

    It sounds like you have a lot on your plate, so I figured your could use a {{{hug}}}

  2. I greatly admire you for moving from your home to help your mother. In today's age where so many people are just putting their family members into a home it is wonderful to see someone taking the time and making an effort to assist their loved ones. Good luck on the promotion. I know how hard it is to lose your stitching time when you so desperately need it. Just remember, even though you may be tired, take a few minutes and put in one thread on any project and you will feel better.

  3. Its really hard to see a parent being unwell, I"m sure a lot of thought went into the decison to move in to take care of her.

    Congrats on the promotion! I hope you get it! I'm sure you'll find a new way to balance life and hobby!!!

  4. It is a wonderful thing when we get an opportunity to give back to those who have given much to us. Hats off and great admiration to you, for choosing to take care of your mom. Sending you strength, and prayers.
    Fingers crossed on your promotion.
    So looking forward to your Calendar WIPS... Beach Cottage Stitches A+

  5. Sorry to hear about your mother though I am sure she is grateful to have you there for her and for your willingness to make the sacrifice to help her out. You are surely a blessing to her and your family.

    Good luck with the promotion! If nothing else you will have more money to spend on your obsession; I mean hobby.