Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Had Better Get a Move On...

...if I'm going to get all of the starts from my Overly Ambitious List done before the year is out! When I realized that October is upon us (already!) and I still have 4 starts to get to, I decided I had better get to it. So, on Sunday, I started on Mirabilia's The Forest Goddess. Here is my progress so far:

My plan is to make another start before the end of the month, and then one in November and one in December. That should complete the list of starts I intended to make this year. Obviously, since I tend to be a BAP stitcher and rarely stitch smalls, I don't expect that these will be finished this year. I have one finish, so far, and Wondrous Works may end up finished as well...if I can bring myself to face all the backstitch it involves. Blech.

Also, I want to be sure and say Thank You So Much! for all the wonderful comments you all have made in regard to DH's current stitchy project. He isn't in the blogosphere, but he 'trolls' my blog now and again out of curiosity and has surely seen your comments for himself. He truly appreciates all the kind words and compliments. It's so nice to have such a great group of folks to be motivated and encouraged by. You all are the BEST! :)

I hope everyone is having a fantastically stitchy week. The weather is sure making it easy to cozy up inside and stitch away. Chilly, rainy, and getting dark earlier and earlier now. It's my favorite time of year and it's showing in my progress. I'll be checking in later in the week with some updates on other projects as well. Until then...


  1. That's a nice new start. I like to mix in my little projects with all the huge ones so I still get the thrill of finishing something!

  2. Great start on Forest Goddess! I love the colors in this one :)

  3. Love your list, wonderful you can work only on BAP's, I need to have a finish now and then. Can't wait to you start your Woodland Enchantress, I have that kit so It will be fun to watch your progress.