Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The 'Overly Ambitious' List 2012

Here is my list of 'Maybe I Won't Finish It, But I Promise to At Least Start It' for 2012:

1. Fairie Treasures by Mirabilia - FINISHED! JULY 15, 2012

2.  Wondrous Works of God kit by Bucilla

3. Acorn Fairy by Cross Stitch Addicts (free pattern)

4.  Cabriolet kit by Bucilla

5.  The Forest Goddess by Mirabilia

6.  Three Wise Men by Stoney Creek Designs

7.  Old Time Santa (pattern torn from a decades old magazine; designer and model photo not available)

8.  All Hallows Eve (HAED free pattern)

9.  Woodland Enchantress kit by Dimensions

10.  Liberty Angel by Leisure Arts

Ok, ok, I know. This list is insane! Even for the most accomplished stitcher with nothing but time and needles on her hands. That's why it's affectionately titled the 'Overly Ambitious' list...because I'm nothing, if not ambitious. And I love to have a goal (or, in this case, 10 very large goals!). 

The good news is that #1 on the list is only missing a tiny bit of backstitch and the addition of the Mill Hill Crystal Treasures, and she'll be D-O-N-E! Also, #2 is halfway through the first page of the (6-page) pattern; #3 is kitted up and started, #5 is ready to put in Q-snaps and start, and #7 is about 50% finished (but I have an aversion to stitching winter things in the summertime). The others...well...we shall see! Updates to come :)

Happy Stitching!

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