Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday Stitch Therapy

I've decided to try and 'give' myself one day a week where I spend the entire evening stitching and nothing else. Sounds like a pipe dream, I know, but you know the old saying: "If Momma ain't happy...". Since Thursdays have proven to be the day that we have the least amount of things going on, I'm going to try to post a Thursday Stitch Therapy update every Friday morning. I'll do my best to make this a weekly thing, providing I don't sit down some Thursday to stitch and find that I have a guilty conscience for not finishing the laundry or sweeping the floors, lol.

This week, I feel good about my progress report! I spent all last evening stitching and watching random movies on Netflix. I'm a huge fan of independent films and can spend hours watching/listening to them while I stitch. It was just the relaxation I needed after the craziness of the last couple weeks. Here is what WWoG looked like before I started:

WWoG 7/18/12

And here is what it looks like now:

WWog 7/19/12
On a side note: I wish like heck I could manage to get the same lighting every time I take a picture. Sheesh!
Anyway, this weekend will most likely bring zero progress, but for good reason. Our daughter is coming home on Sunday after 5 weeks spent with her biological father and his family in Texas. 5 weeks is a looong time to be away from home when you're 12 and we've missed her terribly! We'll be taking our son (he's 6) and heading to St. Louis to pick her up at the airport. Then it's an overnight stay there (in a hotel, not at the airport, lol), with plans to spend the whole day Monday at the St. Louis of my favorite places on the planet! We don't plan to be home until late Monday evening. Then Tuesday will be a Dr's appointment for DH, picking our dog up at the kennel, and upacking bags/doing laundry. Wednesday is back to work...and reality. Ugh.

With any luck, I'll have the motivation (and energy) to pick this up again sometime on Wednesday evening. Here's


  1. It's funny you mentioned the lighting, I was thinking the flower looked darker on the bottom pic and was wondering if you had added more to it in back-stitching or something. Great progress!

  2. Fingers crossed your Thursday nights will happen. We all need that time, and so often as mom's we don't take care of us. Never been to St. Louis - but it is on my list of American Cities to visit because it has a great baseball team. Enjoy your vacation, I know seeing your daughter after that long will be wonderful.

  3. Your progress is wonderful! I love this piece so far! Have fun this weekend.

    btw - you won my teeny tiny give away. And I don't have your email address. Could you send me an email (bbearlythere at yahoo dot com) and send me your snail mail?? Congrats!