Friday, July 27, 2012

Thursday Stitch Therapy & Giveaway Loot!!

Do you ever find yourself sitting in your favorite easy chair/comfy spot/public place and thinking, over and over, "I'd rather be stitching"? That was me last night. I was sitting in my favorite spot on the couch, good shows were on TV, and my stitching bag was right next to me. Thisclose. Right freakin' there. And I couldn't bring myself to pick up a single needle. Not one....sigh.

I absolutely despise nights like that, but I haven't figured out what trigger I need to pull in order to whip my stitching motivation into overdrive. Well, I guess it's a good thing then that I ended up with more time to stitch on Tuesday and Wednesday than I thought I would have. So this week's edition of Thursday Stitch Therapy is actually a bit of a falsehood, since no stitching whatsoever actually took place on Thursday. The day wasn't a total loss, however, as I came home to this waiting for me in the mail: 

A Big THANK YOU! to Denise over at Riverside Stitching! I was so thrilled to receive her giveaway goodies along with a lovely hand-written card. Made my day! Can't wait to start stitching on the CCN :)

And now, on to my progress pics:

WWoG 7/19/12
WWoG 7/24/12 (Chart pg 1 DONE)!

WWoG 7/25/12
 As always, my apologies for never (ever) being able to get the same lighting twice. Especially the one on the upper left...what the heck happened there?! Ah, well, you get the idea. I'm hoping to have page 2 of this chart done by tomorrow, so I can put a some work in on Cabriolet.

Here's to a relaxing weekend and enjoying whatever it is that makes you happy!



  1. Congrats on your winnings, love your gifts. Went right to Riverside Stitching and became a follower - Really enjoyed her posts, thanks for sharing.

    I know about the "just sitting there" thing, I do battle it, about once a week for real. But you did make great process on your wip

  2. Congratulations on your wonderful win. Your progress is coming along really well and hopefully you have been getting a nice amount of stitching time this weekend.

  3. Hi, Melody - thank you for becoming my latest follower - I appreciate it.

    There is nothing worse than having an evening at home, with your stitching sitting there ready to be worked on, but not being able to pull the trigger to do it! For the longest time, that was my problem, but for some reason, my mojo came back in the past few months, and I didn't have an issue with the stitching jumping into my lap begging to be worked on.

  4. Sorry you lost your stitching mojo for a bit. Your progress looks great, though. Congrats on the giveaway win!

  5. Hope you keep the stitching mojo back!! Love how your pieces are coming together!

  6. I had a night recently where I just didn't want to make the effort to start. It was something I needed to work on though so I made myself do it. Once I'd done the first couple of stitches and marked them off on my working copy, I realized I was making progress and got excited about my stitching again!