Thursday, July 19, 2012

Progress is Progress...Right??

I was hoping to get page 1 of the chart for Wondrous Works of God (WWoG) finished last night. Unfortunately, I didn't quite make it. My delay had a little bit to do with a couple of needy kittens, my obsession with fast-forwarding through commercials on my DVR'd programs (have I told you how much I despise commercials?), and the fact that we were soon to be naked had I not taken frequent breaks to do laundry.  

Even through all that, I managed to put in about 200 more stitches on WWoG. I also took some time and put together the Cabriolet kit and got a small start on it. Only about 28 stitches...but it's a start. Below are before and after pics of WWoG. I have no after pic of Cabriolet...I was too fed up with all the other things going on to try and take a worthwhile picture, lol. 

WWoG Before (7/17/12)
WWoG After (7/18/12)

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have much more progress to show because tonight...I STITCH!! :)


  1. WWOG is beautiful, but 200 is a lot, someone told me I could average about 100 an hour, but I stitch slower than that i am sure. Thank you for sharing your progress.

    How old are the kittens?

    1. Thanks, Melinda...and you're absolutely right. 200 is a lot, but it sure doesn't seem like it when you're hoping to get so much more done, lol.
      The kittens are about 4 months old. We rescued their mom from outside when she was very pregnant. We kept her until the babies were ready and then gave her and the 4 other little ones to good, loving homes. Our kids fell in love with the two we ended up keeping. They're cute...but they're crazy!