Friday, September 21, 2012

I Need This Like I Need a Hole in My Head

As if I need another project...

I just saw this on the Beach Cottage Stitchers website and I HAVE. TO. HAVE. IT.

It's an automatic that will be coming soon. The stand will be available also. I've already sent them my info and requested to be notified as soon as the series begins. go and convince my husband that owning this is necessary for my existence... 


  1. OH MY! I can't wait to see your progress on this.

  2. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    That's a gorgeous project!
    I love your Mirabilia finish in the last post, she's absolutely beautiful!
    Happy stitching!

  3. Why did you link that site. Why. Now I have to convince my other half that I need all these wonderful things in my life as well, LOL!

  4. I saw this and thought THE EXACT SAME THING *lol*. Does it matter that I have no where in my house to put it? Nope, still want it :) I *may* buy it after the holidays to stitch for each month of the new year.


  5. That looks like a really neat project. Looking forward to seeing you stitch it up.

  6. This will be a fun stitch, enjoy

  7. It's a calendar, an essential item for every home! Surely he can't complain about a calendar. And it's not one that gets used and thrown out at the end of the year, it's forever. So take the price, divide by 365, divide by how long you'd like to live and see if he begrudges you mere fractions of pennies LOL.

  8. I have been eyeing this too...and when I finally find a new job I may just have to order it for myself! :) Can't wait to see yours stitched up.