Friday, November 23, 2012

Still Playing Catch-Up

Man, what a crazy couple of weeks it's been!! I haven't spent as much time stitching as I would like, but I have made little bits of progress on a couple of WIPs. Wondrous Works got some love and I also pulled All Hallow's Eve (HAED freebie) out for a bit. Neither one has enough progress to warrant a picture, but I'm okay with "a little bit is better than none", considering the couple of weeks I've had.

At this point, part of me really just wants to fold up and pack away everything I have in the works and start over fresh come January 1. I know what a crazy notion that is, but I'd venture to guess we've all been there at least once, lol. This will be my first year to participate in the Crazy January Challenge...I'll be doing the 15 starts in 15 days, not the new start every day for the whole month. I'm ambitious, but I tend to only do BAPs, so I can't imagine what madness starting 30 would be! :)

I'm working really hard on getting as many WIPs finished as I can, before the end of the year. Otherwise, I know I'll feel like I have to finish what I've started before I can feel comfortable about working on 15 new projects. Kind of the same way I can't sit and stitch guilt-free if I know there's housework that needs to be done. Damn guilty conscience.

So, last weekend, I spent 36 hours with a busload of teens and preteens at the Illinois Christian Teen Convention. Whew! I'm still worn out from that. I love, love, love being a youth leader at our church, but I sometimes wonder if I'm too old to keep up with these youngsters anymore. They are a great group of kiddos, though and, if I were to be honest, I'd be happy to accompany them anywhere. Unfortunately, I didn't get any stitching time in. The bus ride was 2 hours each way, but waaay too bouncy to accomplish anything. I didn't get any stitching in at the hotel, either, because the convention schedule had us going until 10:45 Friday night and then right back at it at 8:00 Saturday morning.

This week was spent working and preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. Even a small meal at home for 4 is quite an undertaking when we work opposite shifts and only come together on holidays and weekends. But it was a great meal, great family time, and great desserts! I was supposed to work today, but our big dog has something wrong that is causing one whole side of his face and under his neck to swell up. It's gotten consistently worse since Tuesday evening, so I took off work today to take him to the vet and see what's up. Hopefully, it's minor and easily treated. Poor guy.

I sure hope all of you had a fantastic holiday (and for my friends up north and overseas...a fantastic Thursday!). And for you crazy Black Friday shoppers out there, remember ...ELBOWS OUT!! :)    


  1. Fingers crossed all is well with your dog. I am doing a crazy 15 challenge also - and I will be keeping to 15...

  2. Left you a comment in today's post on my blog, please check it out.

  3. Hope all goes well with your dog. I had to laugh at your guilty feelings if housework needs doing bec I am sure my husband would love if you passed that onto me.

  4. Best wishes for your dog's health, and good luck with the crazy 15 challenge - I am too chicken to try it this year :)


  5. I'm sorry about your dog - it sounds like something that happened to my dog earlier in the year; I'm hoping that's not the case, because for us, it meant 4 trips to the vet, 3 rounds of antibiotics, and a total vet bill of over $900... It turns out, she had bitten something that caused a small cut in her mouth, which got infected. Poor puppy :(

    Good luck with your January challenge - I participated last year - I might have to try to do it again next January!

    Have a great week, Melody!