Thursday, November 1, 2012

Soonest Begun Is Soonest Done

This was a favorite phrase of my Grandma's (may she rest in peace) and explains perfectly the way I feel about posting today. For some reason, even though my stitching mojo is in blogging mojo has taken a hike. The last 4 or 5 nights I've sat here, stitching away, and thinking to myself "I really need to update my blog. Blah". So, today, I borrowed the phrase above and decided to get on with it already :)

This might be rather long, so if you're not so inclined to read the entire thing, feel free to skip ahead to some progress pics and DH's new start (lovingly dubbed 'The Accidental Bookmark'). For those that decide to stick we go!

First off, I've got a small happy dance going on after finishing the blank left number slot for my SamSarah calendar. Tuesday is nearly finished also, now that my special shipment of forgotten floss has arrived, with Cyndi's sincerest apologies, lol. The only one left in this go-round is the number 1 and then I'll be waiting for the next shipment to start the next four charts. I think I'm going to wait until the series is finished before I mount them on the hang tags. That way I can make sure they are all mounted the exact same way (meaning that by the time I'm ready to mount the next ones, I won't have forgotten the exact method I used for the last ones). Here's what I've finished, so far:

While I was waiting for Cyndi to send the missing floss cross-country to me, I went back to work on WWoG. I've made quite a bit more progress. Hopefully, this one will be done before the year is out. The latest:

DH also has a new start that he's been working on for the last couple of weeks, the aforementioned Accidental Bookmark. The last time I ordered from 123stitch, I got him the Stained Glass Bookmarks leaflet by Linda Bird that he's been drooling over for quite awhile. So, why name his project, you ask? Simple, really. He literally ended up stitching it by accident. See, the leaflet has charts for 3 bookmarks, 2 on the left inside page and one on the right. Also on the right page is the symbol key. DH decided to stitch the bookmarks in order, from left to right. At one point, he turned the leaflet over to check his next symbol/color . . . and forgot to turn it back over. He just kept stitching away, not realizing that he had begun stitching from a totally different chart, lol!! He didn't realize it until he had put in dozens of stitches from the wrong chart. Thankfully, he discovered that the upper portions of the one he started and the one he switched to are identical. No frogging required. A lucky guy, he is. And quite entertaining as it turns out :)  Here's where he's at now:

I've also been away from the blog due to spending a significant amount of time over the last few evenings trying to decide what to put in my Crazy January Challenge list. I've never done one of these before, but from what I understand it's starting a new project every day for the first 15 days of January, with the intention of finishing them all by the end of 2013. I think I've got my list pretty well set, but I'm still looking at needing quite a bit of fabric for the larger projects I've chosen. Depending on finances, some of my projects may get bumped for others that I have the right sizes of fabric in my stash for. Once I've made my final decisions, I'll post my list. Little to no way I will see all 15 finished by the end of next year, but at least I'll feel better knowing I've got them in rotation and out of my to-do drawer. 

Besides, the more stash I put in use, the more excuse justification I have for buying another 137 things I'll never get stitched if I live 3 lifetimes ;)


  1. Great progress! And can't wait to see your CJC choices!

  2. Lucky husband! Your progress looks great and I also can't wait to see what projects you choose.

  3. Love your Calendar. It does look so much fun to stitch. Looking forward to seeing your 15 for 2013. My first year for this too, I DO believe it will be a wishlist enhancement year, as we see all the different choices of all the stitchers...

  4. Your projects are coming along nicely and your husband is so lucky he didn't have to frog!