Monday, November 5, 2012

A Start, A Finish, and Another Start

And I can't show you a single one of them! They're for upcoming Christmas exchanges so you'll just have to wait :)

I got one started and finished last night, and I've started on the second one. I have to make sure the stitching portion of everything is done in plenty of time, as my DH is the finisher in this family (I can't sew a straight line with a ruler and a programmable sewing machine), so I have to make sure and allow enough time for him to get them finished in the way I'm wanting.

I've also broken Forest Goddess out again and put in a couple hundred more stitches on her. I'll try to post a pic in the next day or two...provided I make good progress on my exchange piece and can go back to her for a bit. 

Also, now that we're (mostly) moved and settled at my Mom's, some framing is on the agenda. Hopefully soon, I should have a couple of photos to show you of framed projects. DH is very close to finishing his lighthouse and he already has the perfect frame ready to go...he's just gotta get those last few stitches in, lol. As soon as our self-imposed 'No Spending on Anything Unnecessary' rule is lifted, we'll be scouring thrift shops and Goodwill for cast-off frames suitable for our other finished projects. Then, maybe, we can whittle down the drawers/bags/boxes/nooks/crannies we have full of need-to-be-framed items. Unfortunately, I'm not much of an ornament (or other small item) stitcher, so much of what I finish requires a frame to be properly displayed. Although I did see a new display idea earlier while trolling the blogosphere and I just may have to give it a try. Stay tuned!

Have a happy, stitchy, blessed day everyone! :) 


  1. Love that NO spending on anything Unnecessary Rule - I need to put it in place from now until after the Holiday Season.. Looking forward to seeing your Finishes...

  2. I look forward to seeing your stitches! I love scouring thrift stores for frames / floss / stash / furniture / everything so any excuse to go is a good one for me, lol. I can't sew straight either but was eyeing the "no sew cube" method. I'm sure I'd have quite a crooked box, haha!