Monday, November 12, 2012

Plodding Along

It seems that this time of year always brings a case of the doldrums around my house. Maybe it's just me, projecting my blahs, but it seems like everyone is sort of uninterested in anything for most of the month of November. The kids are restless, flitting from one thing to another with no satisfaction. That, or they're sitting/laying around staring at TV, video games, iPods, etc. all day. The in-between weather we have here in the Midwest this time of year is partially responsible, I'm sure. The day before yesterday, it was 74 and sunny with a hint of a breeze. Today? It was 28 when I woke up this morning and my van doors were frozen shut from the blowing rain last night. Sigh.

I have been putting some of the 'blah' time to use by working on my Christmas exchange, so still no progress pics. It's a fun little stitch and I'm almost ready to turn it over to DH to be finished. I wonder if my exchange partner will mind that her item required a little teamwork from this end?? :)

I've also been working here and there on Forest Goddess and would love to pick WoWG back up, but I feel an obligation to make absolutely sure my exchange piece will be done in time, so that's getting all of my focus right now. Maybe after Thanksgiving rolls around and it's time to start hauling out and putting up my Christmas decorations, I'll start to perk up a bit. I love fall and I adore Christmas...I don't know why November seems to make me want to stay in my PJ's and sleep for 30 days straight.

Well, ok, 29 days straight. Even my colder weather ho-hums can't keep me from a plate of turkey and all the fixin's! LOL



  1. We don't have thanksgiving here but I also find this to be a bit of a weird time of year. December brings so much in my household: school holidays for daughter and a nice long holiday for the husband but everyone gets a bit anxious waiting for it to get here.

  2. It was a spectacular weekend though, right? That crazy rain we had Sunday night was something else; our driveway was a river! I get bleh at this time of year too. It's probably the diminishing sunlight so soak it up while you can and don't sleep it all away, lol!

  3. I'm sure your partner will appreciate the teamwork that went into your exchange piece. I hope you break through those November dull drums soon!