Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some Progress and a Wonderful Surprise

I'm still working on my Christmas exchange project. Obviously no pics of that just now, but I do have some progress to show on Forest Goddess. I've been putting some time in on it here and there when I need a break from the exchange piece. Here's the latest: 

Now, for my wonderful surprise...I walked in to work yesterday to find 3 full-size, unopened kits on my desk. Wait...what?!? Um, yeah. You read that right. Let me explain:

My co-worker recently lost her FIL (it was expected) and found herself helping to clean out his home so it could be sold. Her MIL had passed years ago, but she was not aware that her FIL had kept all of the crafting stuff she had accumulated. Most of it was crewel, which I have never done, nor have an interest in doing. But when she found the cross stitch kits, she said I was the first person she thought of, so she put them aside and brought them to work and left them for me. They're very nice kits. I think a couple of them are discontinued. Here's what I got:

Seaside Sweethearts from the Quiet Moments collection by Lanarte

Largemouth Bass by Bucilla


Tulip Trio by Dimensions Gold

I'm very blessed to have such thoughtful friends and co-workers. DH will be the happy recipient of the largemouth bass kit, but the other two will most likely be put away until I get some other 'to-dos' finished. Now, off to figure out what to give as a Thank You gift...

Have a blessed night, all. Stitch happy! :)  


  1. How generous! I love the Tulip Trio, that's just stunning!

  2. How lovely to have such kind people about! It's a pity about the crewel though, some of those kits are lovely and crewel is fun! But then again I'm a weirdo that likes French knots, haha.

    Your Forest Goddess is looking lovely! :D

  3. Forest Goddess is looking great! And what a nice surprise :)

  4. what a wonderful gift - and a great surprise.

  5. P.S. The colors of Forest Goddess look so vibrant on the fabric you're using. Very pretty so far.