Friday, February 1, 2013

Say Goodbye to Christmas Gentlemen...

...well, for now anyway. The rotation week ended last night and it's time to put these guys away for another few weeks. Unfortunately, I didn't stitch as much as I had hoped this week, but I think I still made some pretty good progress. 

Start of rotation week:

You can barely see the white/ecru stitches that marked my CJC start

End of rotation week:

Progress as of 1/31/13

As you can see, I decided not to leave all the backstitch until the end on this one. There's waaay too much to do it all at once. Have I ever told you (753 times) how much I despise backstitch??! There's a reason it's abbreviated BS...

Today starts a new rotation week and I'll be working on Fractal Tiger. I love this project and I've been excited to get back to it ever since I started it! Not sure this is the best week to work on it, though, as DD has an all-day volleyball tourney this Saturday, we'll be taking our son for his birthday dinner (2 weeks late) after the tourney, we have a church youth group outing Sunday afternoon after church, and DD has 3 volleyball games this week. Phew! If I'm going to get any stitching in, I'm going to have to organize in advance to get everything else done!! I guess that'll be my make ANY number of stitches this week, lol. Be it 2 or 200, I'll consider it a success :)

Here's where I left Fractal Tiger after his CJC start:

Progress after CJC start on 1/4/13

Also this week, since Tiger is too big to carry back and forth to work, I'll be working on finishing the February installment of the SamSarah Perpetual Calendar over my lunch breaks. I received the March charts from Cynthia at Beach Cottage Stitchers a couple of weeks ago and, if I don't work to get caught up, I'm going to still be stitching the March charts in July! 

I'll share some pics once I get February's charts all completed. Hope everyone is poised and ready for a great weekend of stitching...especially if it's as cold where you are as it is here (currently, 10F with a wind chill of -12F). And for those of you who will be watching the Super Bowl, good luck to whichever team you're rooting for, lol!!

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  1. Oh Volleyball - My daughters played in High School and one in College - it is great fun. Fingers Crossed your daughter is pleased with her play, and is happy with the outcome of the tournament.