Friday, February 15, 2013

New Rotation Week and IHSW

Finally Friday!! I hope you all are off to a good start for the weekend. Today starts a new rotation week for me. I spent last week working on Stargazer and I enjoyed it so much, I hate to see her go.

Here is where I started at the beginning of last week:

Stargazer - After initial CJC start on 1/1/13
And here's where I ended up at the end of my rotation last night:

Stargazer - Progress as of 2/14/13
Since I'm so sad to see Stargazer's rotation end, I've decided to overcome my bummed-out-ness by stitching on another Mira during this rotation week. Forest Goddess is one of the WIPs from last year that I snuck into my CJC this year. 

Here's where I left her last:

Forest Goddess - Progress as of 1/10/13

I'm really hoping to make some significant progress on her because...

Today is also the start of this month's IHSW!! I'm sooo ready to hermit in and stitch the weekend away! I have Monday off as a work holiday, so my weekend will be a bit longer than normal. YAY! I have another of my daughter's volleyball tournaments to attend tomorrow, but that should be over just after lunchtime, so the rest of the weekend (and Monday) will be mine to fill with stitchy goodness.  

I hope you all have made sufficient plans to not have to leave your stitchy spaces, except out of necessity, for the next 2 (or maybe 3) days. I look forward to seeing how you all make out at the end of the weekend. Happy Stitching everyone!! 


  1. You made great progress in a week. I can't wait to see the next one:)

  2. WOW....amazing progress! She's looking beautiful. I love Forest Goddess, too. Looking forward to seeing your progress on her after IHSW.