Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February TUSAL Update and Stargazer Progress

First and foremost, I'd like to say thank you, thank you, thank you!! to everyone for their kind words, thoughts, and prayers for my daughter through her recent bout with the flu. I'm happy to report that she is doing wonderfully and is back to 100%. As a matter of fact, she played in a 5-hour, 4-game volleyball tournament the very next day. She had a 101.4 fever at 8pm on Friday, but reported to the gym at 8am on Saturday, with a smile and an athlete's determination. Only the young can pull that off, lol! Thank you all again for your kindnesses...I shared each one with her and she appreciated them all very much. Y'all are simply the best :)

Now, on to the updates...
It's TUSAL time again!! What's a TUSAL, you ask? Well, look to your right, click on the TUSAL button, and it'll take you right to Daffycat's page. She'll tell you all about it :)

Meanwhile, here are my February little jar is about 1/3 full:

Apologies for the grainy picture, my phone's camera sucks.

I've also been stitching away on Stargazer, which is this week's rotation piece. My daughter's volleyball game was over quickly last night, so I was able to settle into the big comfy chair and stitch away while watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. 

Here's how far I got last night:

Stargazer, as of 2/12/13

I'm thrilled that I still have 2 more days in this rotation week to work on her. I know I've said it before, but I'm a Mirabilia/Nora Corbett junkie! I have 3 more Miras in line for new starts, but so far I'm doing good in leaving them right there on my craft stand. I'm using them for motivation to focus on my current stitching and finish up some of my Challenge pieces this year. I've decided to reward myself by starting a new Mira/Nora for every piece I finish. Sounds like a good plan to me!!

I don't know if anyone else watched the dog show last night, but I have to say - I'm pretty bummed that the Saint Bernard didn't win. However, Banana Joe, the little Affenpinscher that won it all, was A-DOR-ABLE! Almost makes me want a little dog. Almost.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week and looking forward to IHSW this weekend. I have a 3-day weekend as President's Day is a work holiday for me, so my hermitting will spill right over into Monday. I can't wait!

I'll leave you today with a pic of my big 'ol dog baby...a Saint Bernard, of course. This is Titan, and he's been Best in Show to us since the day we rescued him. No dog shows or competitions for him, though. As you can see, 'work' and 'effort' aren't in his repertoire...



  1. She is just beautiful, and coming along so quickly! Can't wait to see what you get done the next couple of days.

  2. Great progress. You have a beautiful dog. I love St.Bearnard's:)

  3. Stargazer is beautiful - wonderful progress. I think that is great motivation, a new start for each finish. I have started my first Mira/Nora this year, Touching the Autmn Sky, as part of my Crazy Xstich Challenge.