Saturday, February 9, 2013

Late Update and Another SAL w/Heather

Happy Saturday all!! I hope everyone is having a wonderfully cozy and stitch-filled weekend! For my followers on the East prayers are with all of you that you maintain (or quickly regain) power, have an ample food and water supply, and find the patience to weather winter storm Nemo and the cleanup to come in it's wake. God Bless You!

I'm late with my rotation week update but, then again, what's new? My week with Fractal Tiger ended on Thursday and I intended to post my progress on Friday morning. My daughter had other plans...she woke me at 3:30 Friday morning to let me know that she had thrown up. This continued about every half-hour until after 8am. Needless to say, aside from work, any plans I had for Friday were immediately forgotten. Thankfully, she's much better now, and I managed to get some stitching in after having a nap with her yesterday evening. 

As most of you know, I completely changed out the fabric on Fractal Tiger. I switched from 14ct Black Aida to a piece of 28ct pewter of unknown origin. In case you missed it, that post is here. I'm really liking the change, but the time it took to make it and my level of busy last week didn't allow me to get as far as I'd like. Here's where I ended on Thursday:

Don't mind the green thread...I don't grid, so that was my 50-stitch marker :)

This is most of the first column of page 1. Maybe now that I'm happier with the fabric, I'll be able to make some real progress next time it comes up in my rotation.  So, on to the current rotation in line is Stargazer. I love, love, love this one (as I do all Noras/Miras) and I see myself making some major progress this weekend. Here's where she was after her initial CJC start:

Since I've joined Heather's SAL again this weekend, I will be updating Stargazer's progress on Monday, after the SAL has ended. I plan to spend this evening and most of tomorrow stitching away! I hope that's what y'all are doing to! Enjoy your weekend everyone :)


  1. Your stitching projects are looking good. Please posts updates of your progress. I'm glad that your daughter is doing better!

  2. Great stitching:) Glad your daughter is feeling better:)

  3. Beautiful stitching. Stargazer is especially lovely! Looking forward to seeing your progress on her.

  4. Beautiful Stitching. Hope you daughter is full recovered very soon.

  5. I think you made some great progress on tiger after the switch. thinking of your daughter, and do hope she is feeling loads better. Looking forward to your Stargazer updates...