Friday, December 7, 2012

So Many Updates. And Pictures. Lots of Pictures.

Wow! I just looked at my last published date and realized it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. Crazy how fast the days go by this time of year! I have been stitching but, unfortunately, I can't show you what...because it's all boxed up to send out tomorrow to my exchange partner. Hope she likes it!!

Last weekend someone (I believe it was Katy over at Just a Little Stitchin...she's such an enabler, lol) posted about HAED extending their 45% off sale. And then mentioned it was the last one of the year. Oh boy. Look at the damage I did:

Spirit Guides - Judy Mastrangelo

Steam Butterfly - Brigid Ashwood

Which May I Keep - Elsley

Zodiac Mandala - Ciro Marchetti

Blue Moon - Lewis T Johnson
Ancient Egypt - Ciro Marchetti

Ice Palace - Ciro Marchetti

I'm officially going to have to live to be 214 years old so I can stitch all the stash I have. But at least I'll be happy right up to my dying day! Ok, I don't know how happy one can be at that age, but I'll be busy, anyway, lol.

I have nearly finalized my list for the Crazy January Challenge. I rearranged some of the projects so that I could focus on ones that I already have all the materials for. I decided that rather than buying a whole bunch more stuff just for the CJC, it would make more sense to try and use up what I have. That way, when I replace what I've used...I can do so guilt-free :) Hopefully by next week I'll have my list finalized. When I do, I'll be sure to post it here...but I'll also add a tab up at the top of my blog just for the CJC, so that I can track my progress and timelines.
A couple other updates:

Titan (my big 'ol dog) is officially fine after our scare with his suddenly swollen face. The vet thought it might have been a spider bite, and treated it as such. After 3 medications, 4 shots, and $235 dollars...he's all better. So nice to be able to see both of his eyes again. For awhile, one of them was swollen shut and had nearly disappeared. Thank goodness it wasn't any worse! Here he was before it was even at it's worst:

 Excuse the blur...he doesn't like to be still. Here's what he looks like 'back to normal':

Thank goodness for a skilled vet! He really is like one of our children and I'm so thankful he's better :)

We've finally gotten (mostly) moved in to my Mom's house. We've filled a 10 x 20 storage unit and may need yet another small one. We have the things we 'need' with us here in our little garage apartment, but it sure will be nice to get back into a house and be able to spread out all my crap again! It sure has made us realize how little we really need to be happy, though. And we just keep reminding ourselves - not only is this a tremendous help for my Mom, but it's only temporary. To quote The Good Book: "This too shall pass."

That's about all the energy I have for right now. Since my exchange is all finished up and ready to ship out, I'm going back to WWoG for the evening. I have one child in her room catching up on last season of The Walking Dead, one that's been asleep since before 8pm (here's hoping he isn't awake at 4am wanting Pop-Tarts and cartoons, lol) and DH is at work, so I have Law & Order: SVU cued up on Hulu and I'm cozied in with a hot cup of coffee and my blankie.

Happy Stitching, y'all! :]


  1. Love your new charts. This time of year is crazy:)

  2. Love your new charts - I have a few of the same.. With all that goes on in your life you always sound so peaceful

  3. LOL I will gladly take on the enabler title with pride! Love the new charts! Several are on my wishlist! Can't wait to see your final choices for CJC!

  4. Another that went crazy with the HaED sale, lol!! "Which May I Keep" is adorable!

    And yes, this time of year is nuts! I think my New Year's Wish will be to SLEEP!

  5. You did very well with the HEAD sale!!!

  6. I appreciate you sharing your life with me through this blog over the past year.

    I hope 2013 is a happy one for you and your family!